Whitetail Hunts

Ohio has quickly made a name for itself, when it comes to trophy bucks. Located in East Central Ohio, Ridge Creek Lodge of Ohio has some of the best whitetail habitat in the state. With over 8,000 acres of mainly contiguous ground, we are able to manage our property year round to help grow those Ohio giants! With abundant water sources, wooded draws, and over 20 food plots placed throughout the property, we have worked hard to create the best hunting we can for our clients. Mineral stations and corn feeders are used year round as well to help attract, grow, and hold mature bucks on our property. Our stands are already in place and consist of a mixture of blinds, ladder stands, and lock-on’s. We try to keep pressure as low as possible on our property. As a result, we only offer 6 main weeks of hunting with the off time only spent baiting and running cameras. Dates listed are the only dates there will be hunters on our property. 

Available Hunts

Opening Week: Opening week hunts have several benefits and can be one of the better times to harvest a mature buck. This will be the first hunts ran on our property, meaning deer have yet to be pressured. They are also hitting food sources more consistently during this time. However, temps are usually warm and hunting is primarily best in the evenings only.

Rut: Ohio rut is during bow season only. These hunts will run from the last week of October through the second week of November, times we have seen the most consistent rut activity. Going into this hunt our property will have had no hunters since our opening week hunt. We feel this helps greatly in making sure the mature bucks feel comfortable and have came to our property looking for those hot does. 

Rut hunts can be very exciting. Usually bucks are on their feet throughout the day and are responding to scents and calls, giving a true mid-west rut experience. All day sits will give hunters the best opportunity at those cruising bucks. While these hunts usually see a lot of action, hunters should be ready to make quick decisions. Bucks will be moving but they are not standing still long, as they are only worried about finding does at this time.

Late Season: Late season hunts will consist of our gun and muzzleloader hunts. It is unlikely there will be much rutting activity during these hunts but could be possible during the first gun season. Late season can also be a great time to harvest a mature buck. You will have the advantage of using a gun and bucks are starting to transition back to feed. Weather will play a bigger role during these hunts than any other time. Usually, the colder the better. Low temps will bring those bucks that have rutted hard to the food sources and can be a great time to catch one in the daylight.

Rates & Dates

Sept. 28 – Oct. 2 (Opening Week): $2,500

Oct. 26 – 30 (Rut Archery): $2,500

Nov. 2 – 6 Rut Archery): $2,500

Nov. 9 – 13 (Rut Archery): $2,500

Nov. 30 – Dec. 4 (5 Day Gun): $2,800 (Optional 6th day: $400)

Dec. 19-20 (2 Day Gun): $1,250

Jan. 2-5 (4 Day Muzzleloader): $2,500


(Exact Dates Subject to Change)

(50% Deposit Required to Book)


"Ridge Creek offers an amazing lodge that holds good scenery inside/out with the best home cooked meals you can eat! Guides make you feel right at home with good conversation and trail cam pics of bucks on the property. The property is very open with low brush/thickets to provide deer with adequate bedding to hold does. Multiple stands opportunities are available for correct wind, allowing hunters to get close to the bedding. Very good stock of bucks, with management taking place to provide that older trophy experience. Does/bucks are seen on almost every sit making it a very fun place to hunt. Awesome people and experience, highly recommend! Thanks ridge creek for giving me the opportunity to harvest my biggest buck to date!"
Corey Norman
North Carolina
"The lodge is awesome. The guides are top notch and willing to do whatever it takes for you to have a good stay. And they've got the deer!"
Sean Brickner
"This was a unreal, first class experience!!! The guides put you in the best possible spot to be successful. We seen a lot of deer and some really nice bucks!! All three of us seen 130+ inch bucks and one of our guys even harvested a 150in 11 pt!!! The only thing better than the hunting was the food!! If you leave hungry it’s your own fault! The lodge and the chef are second to none. Book with RC Lodge and see for yourself"
Last Draw Outdoors
North Carolina